The band “Tabby Notes” features original music that is upbeat, catchy and memorable. The style of music can best be described as rock & roll with a mix of blues rock. If you mixed together the styles of “No Doubt” + “Heart” + “Eurythmics” + “B-52’s” + “Pat Benatar” + “Joan Jett” + “The Pretenders” and stir well, then you might have the music of Tabby Notes!

The main band members of Tabby Notes (Tabby & Dave) now live in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. There are plans for recording more original music in the near future.

Tabby Jackson

Tabby Jackson

Lead Singer

Lead singer “Tabby Jackson” delivers powerful performances rooted in rock & roll, pop/rock, blues rock and a sprinkle of many diverse styles of music.

Born “LouAnn Jackson” in Salem Oregon, she was raised in a family with deaf parents so music and sound have always been something very special to her. Even as a little girl when silence was the norm in her family, she always loved music and showing her singing talent, every chance she got.

She started singing at a very young age and was a member of various school choirs starting from Jr High School. Over the following years, she began working with various pop and rock bands, performing in night clubs and show bands. She has been involved in both live performances and as a recording artist for decades including recording work in Nashville Tennessee, Los Angeles and now Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Dave Nosker

Dave Nosker

Bass and Rhythm Guitar

The main songwriter, bass player and now rhythm guitar player for the band is “Dave Nosker”. – Dave has been a musician and songwriter since a very young age.

Born in San Jose California, Dave started out playing rhythm guitar at the age of 14 in a rock band that performed cover songs and played local events. At the age of 17, and after many different bands he started playing Bass guitar and from that time forward he continued concentrating on bass for the last few decades.

In the early 90’s Dave spent a few years in Nashville Tennessee as a studio musician and worked hard at honing his songwriting skills. In the late 90’s Dave moved to Los Angeles where he spent a few years doing more recording work and spending more time with writing music. Dave then moved to Denver Colorado continuing writing music and finally moved to Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Bob Melanson

Bob Melanson

Lead Guitar

Lead guitar player “Bob Melanson” started working with the band in early 2003 and recorded lead guitar on 5 tracks for the EP album “Back Off”.

Bob’s music career began on a drum kit when he was 5 years old, playing his first gig at age 10. Along with his Dad, he played in a country band on a local cable TV show and was given special permission to play some of the local bars. With a desire to play more aggressive music, he joined a rock band until his cymbals were stolen. He “borrowed” his brother’s guitar at age 13 and began playing.

In 1990, he won the Fender Guitar Warz competition regionally and placed in the top five in Canada. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1991 and did session work and live performances with many artists in various styles.

In 1995, He was given the opportunity to co-write the soundtrack for “Works”; a locally produced children’s television show. This led to other opportunities in writing music for media.

T.V. shows featuring his music have included: “What The Canuck?”, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, “Made In Canada”, “The Itch”, “El Mundo Del Lundo”, “Works”, “Snakes & Ladders” and “A Bug And A Bag Of Weed”.

His CD “Sorta Purple” is a compilation of instrumental rock tunes written from ’89 to ’96. He has showcased many of these songs at trade shows while representing Yamaha as a clinician.

Bob has retired from playing and is now concentrating on recording engineering. We will always be very grateful for Bob’s contributions to our first album.

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